Lucian M. Cojescu

Chief Executive Officer


Lucian M. Cojescu

Chief Executive Officer

Recognized business executive and technology leader with more than 20 years of experience in shaping the strategic vision of companies to achieve result-driven business goals.  

Demonstrated strengths in building collaborative business relationships, high performing teams, partnering with regional offices to enable growth, and leveraging technology to drive business results.

A unique blend of expertise in business and technology with an acknowledged core competency in initiating, leading and managing global IT-enabled digital transformations using cloud, data analytics and collaboration technologies.

Deliver value as result of leveraging technology in changing business environments by focusing on: 

Assessing - Make sense of world by quickly evaluating constantly changing global environments and readjusting objectives in response to new information about markets, technologies, and competitors. 

Innovating - Design new systems and collaborative processes that realize company's vision and move business from abstract world of ideas to concrete world of deliverables. 

Relating - Develop key relationships within and without organization through clear, concise, and open communications, applying inquiry and art of listening and understanding to learn and leverage what others value. 

Creating - Build compelling picture of future that aligns individuals/teams with corporate values and gives people sense of ownership in corporate objectives as well as purpose to their role in achieving those objectives. 

Personal behaviors / traits applied to achieve success have included: 

  • Integrity
  • Drive to Achieve
  • Self-confidence
  • Analytical
  • Conceptual Thinker
  • Influence
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Awareness


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Accomplished business and technology executive with extensive experience leading global operations in challenging and competitive markets generating millions of dollars in profitable growth. Successfully led globally-dispersed, cross-functional teams in designing and deploying Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based system solutions as well as iOS or Android mobile applications to target and penetrate markets worldwide aggressively. Internationally renowned public speaker on risk assessment and management in enterprise security. Highly effective leveraging emerging technologies, strategic relationships, and process improvements to drive long-term customer value. Conceptual thinker and team builder with strong track record managing P&L performance, outsourcing initiatives, and contract negotiations.

Core Leadership Competencies


Professional Experience

2018 - now

Chief Executive Officer @ TechLiberate

from 2018 to present day

TechLiberate– Los Angeles, CA

Global provider of custom software development and technology consulting.

Selected Achievements

  • Responsible for shaping the strategic vision of the organization and relentlessly drive it to completion, in order to achieve result-driven business goals.

  • Direct all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission.

  • Make sound investing decisions to advance the business and increase profits.

  • Build trust relations with key partners and stakeholders and act as a point of contact for important business relationships.

  • Maintain awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments.

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    1999 - 2018

    Chief Information Officer @ PromaxBDA International

    from 2010 to 2018

    Provide strategic vision and direction for development and implementation of all information, technology and engineering services for association with a global membership of 10,000+ companies and individuals with representation in over 65 countries, at every major media organization, marketing agency, strategic and creative vendor and technology provider. Define and align information systems implementation strategies with regional offices located in London, UK, Sydney, Australia, and Singapore.

      Senior Vice President, Global Information Systems
      Vice President, Global Information Systems
      Director, Information Technology

    PromaxBDA International– Los Angeles, CA

    Worldwide association of entertainment marketers and designers.

    Selected Achievements

  • $7.5 million in annual revenue generated by a fully customized, fully automated Awards system developed in-house, responsible for the submission/transcoding/processing of more than 55,000+ video assets submitted for 19 award competitions on 6 continents annually. These award entries are scored and tabulated online by more than 2,500 judges using a secure, real-time platform using one of the most powerful cloud-based content delivery networks available.

  • $1.9 million in cost savings generated as result of overseeing implementation of digital strategy that utilized on-demand Software as Service (SaaS) architecture versus developing entire project in-house.

  • Directed multinational, geographically distributed development teams to create numerous cost-effective global software solutions, saving $1.1 million in development costs.

  • $800,000+ in sponsorship revenue raised by leading creation and launch of company’s first global CRM/ ERP system, which was key to boosting brand awareness and facilitating global partnerships.

  • Successfully negotiated favourable vendor pricing/terms for numerous software licenses, hardware equipment, and telecommunications contracts; saved $400,000+ over four-year period.

  • $150,000 in revenue growth garnered after designing and rolling out proprietary video-on-demand service for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks, providing breakthrough strategic growth to this firm.

  • Grew association to 500+ active members in Europe and more than 490 in Asia as result of championing initiative to establish international chapters managed from overseas offices by steering committees.

  • 30% in gross revenue growth with 15% increase in member satisfaction and 18% increase in member growth achieved after integrating technology and business strategies to support company’s IT infrastructure.

  • 25% in revenue growth attained by plan across operations. designing and deploying custom CRM/ERP platform to enable all global offices to conduct data analysis, playing key role in overcoming cultural barriers across operations.

  • Spearheaded the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project, including the assessment, data security solution design, data segregation, data discovery, and classification design, in line with best practices, governance, planning, budget management, and evaluation. Designed a Privacy Program to meet compliance, working closely with internal and external teams. I also investigated and implemented technologies to protect data in transit and rest within and outside of association boundaries (SaaS, Paas, and Iaas).

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    2007 - 2009

    Presidents and Key Executives MBA

    from 2007 to 2009


    1986 - 1992

    B.S. in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

    from 1986 to 1992


    Speaking Engagements

    Feb. 2012

    The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB)

    February 12, 2012

    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Vancouver, Canada

    Risk Assessment and Management in Enterprise Security

    The speaker’s panel also included Dr Prescott Winter, former Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology officer (CTO) of the National Security Agency (NSA)

    May 2012

    The Policing Cyberspace International Conference

    May 2012

    International Conference - Bucharest, Romania

    Cybercrime Threats from Eastern Europe and Other Regions: Global Perspectives on Cybercrime Trends, Threats, Proactive Measures, Assessment, and Management

    Key Qualifications

    Market Growth / Improving Customer Experience

  • Spearheaded the development process of the association’s most sophisticated Awards system, responsible for the submission/transcoding/processing of more than 55,000+ video assets submitted for 19 award competitions on 6 continents annually. The total annual revenue generated by the Awards system exceeds $7.5 million, while the award entries are scored and tabulated online by more than 2,500 judges using a secure, real time platform using one of the most powerful content delivery networks available.

  • Triggered association's international growth to 500+ active members in Europe and 490+ in Asia in addition to revitalizing customer care by spearheading creation of international chapters managed overseas by steering committees.

  • Led association's digital strategy initiative, saving $1.9 million+ and three years of software development in the process by utilizing on-demand Software as Service (SaaS) architecture versus developing project in-house.

  • Increased membership 15% and member retention 10% (from 75% to 85% retention in one year) after expanding member benefits.

  • Distributed Global Team Management

  • $1.1 million reduced in development costs by leading multinational, geographically distributed development teams in creating generations of global awards system software.

  • $140,000+ achieved in development cost reductions in first year of implementing offshore outsourcing model.

  • Integrating Technology & Business Strategies

  • 15% improvement in member satisfaction, 18% increase in membership, and 30% rise in gross revenue achieved in two years due specifically to IT Strategic Plan implementation.

  • Generated $150,000 in revenue by originating video-on-demand service for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks as well as spawning breakthrough business strategy for growth with proprietary technology developed for project.

  • Negotiating Innovative Contract Solutions

  • $400,000+ saved in software licenses, hardware equipment, and telecommunications contracts in four years by negotiating multiple vendor agreements.

  • Negotiated product prices with Canon East Europe headquarters, which resulted in company's largest, $1 million+ contract with Department of Defense for Canon.

  • Leveraging Strategic Global Relationships

  • Boosted brand recognition and facilitated first global strategic partnerships with companies such as Warner Bros., Discovery, and NBC Universal through creation of global CRM and ERP system for association.

  • Positioned company to generate $11 million+ in new business by capturing first-ever technology sale to Eastern European government (military) as result of capitalizing on strategic international relationships.

  • Cross-Functional / Cultural Collaboration

  • Increased North American membership 8%, European membership 10%, and Asian membership 25% in one year by coordinating heads of regional offices in implementing IT architecture to support e-commerce and B2C.

  • Overcame cultural peculiarities after creating unique CRM and ERP platform that enabled international offices to perform global data analysis, increased strategic sponsorship opportunities, and swelled sponsorship revenue 25% in next year.

  • Resource Identification, Allocation & Deployment

  • Recruited by CEO to select and lead core team in developing global software business strategy; cultivated technology partnerships with former employer for software development, which resulted in 25% savings in system development.

  • Cost / Revenue Accountability

  • 12% year-on-year revenue growth acquired in five years, improving quality and consistency of client services within strict budget parameters.

    • Market Growth / Improving Customer Experience 90%
    • Distributed Global Team Management 100%
    • Integrating Technology & Business Strategies 100%
    • Negotiating Innovative Contract Solutions 90%
    • Leveraging Strategic Global Relationships 100%
    • Cross-Functional / Cultural Collaboration 90%
    • Resource Identification & Deployment 80%
    • Cost / Revenue Accountability 100%

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

    -Albert Einstein

    Success Stories

    New International Chapters Boost Membership & Strategic Advantage

  • With association's membership in North and South American markets steadily decreasing for four years and underperforming European and Asian regional events, tasked to turn around membership decline and drive growth. However, local consultants in Europe and Asia lacked training and were unable to proper provide customer service. Furthermore, association failed to understand cultural differences across all regions in order to successfully develop international markets.

  • Initiated dialogs with most reputable professionals from promotion and marketing segments of European and Asian entertainment industries. Led creation of steering committees to oversee daily operations of new London and Hong Kong offices. Facilitated association's international growth by creating international chapters managed overseas through steering committees and leveraging diversity as top asset.

  • Grew association to 500+ active members in Europe and 490+ in Asia in four years (24% and 148% growth respectively). Following this success, association opened regional offices in Sydney, Australia, Mexico City, Mexico, and Johannesburg, South Africa. .

  • Digital Technologies Ensure Long-Term Progress & Customer Satisfaction

  • Membership growth staled while new digital technologies and consumer demands for 24/7 access to high-quality content challenged traditional ways of doing business. Yet, Board of Directors resisted high expenses of funding system and software development, despite necessity and benefits of revamping all systems used by global membership.

  • Identified and partnered with most reputable, cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich Software as Service (SaaS) providers, building most robust online applications to support complete digital media strategy initiative. Oversaw contract negotiations and SaaS system development using new content-driven, professional networking utility platform developed by in-house and outsourced teams.

  • Saved $1.9 million+ and three years of software development time. New online service offerings drove 15% increase in total number of members and expanded member retention from 75% in 2008 to 85% in 2009.

  • Geographically Distributed Development Teams Deliver Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Global association with offices on five continents relied exclusively on IT application development by U.S.-based team, which eliminated cost competitiveness. Costs were drastically affected by lack of offshore-outsourced software development, but company culture was reluctant to offshore development and management was skeptical and risk-averse. Challenged with dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty by handling risk and facilitating positive change.

  • Interviewed several offshore software development companies recommended by members from European and Asian offices. Formed multinational, geographically distributed development teams responsible for developing and implementing software applications for global award competitions. Initiated secure online module used for receiving scores for 20,000+ entries submitted for 14 award competitions on five continents annually.

  • Achieved $1.1 million reduction in development costs by championing offshore development and originating several generations of global awards system software through leadership of multinational, geographically distributed development teams for eight years.

  • Resourceful Offshore Operating Plan Eliminates Development Issues

  • Changes in H-1B visa availability restricted company's ability to engage skilled software engineers, making it impossible to compete with larger companies like Microsoft, Oracle, or Sun. Company required expert feasibility evaluations of outsourcing various software development projects and managing global development teams.

  • Performed feasibility study of offshore outsourcing in Romania based on previous experience on Ubisoft's management team, which created its first in-house production studios outside France in Romania. Devised and enacted business plan seamlessly due largely to keen selection and absence of cultural or language barriers between outsourced teams and ACS employees.

  • $140,000 slashed in development cost in first year, positioning company for virtually unlimited growth potential of outsourcing in Romania.

  • First-Ever IT Strategy Supports & Streamlines Troubled Operation

  • North American operation was unable to provide timely and efficient customer service to existing and potential members, despite hiring numerous customer service representatives. Association had growing archive of paper documents from conferences, awards, and membership departments, but senior executives disregarded technology as solution to this problem. Thus, member satisfaction rates were low.

  • Analyzed organizational needs and procedures upon hire and identified technological solutions. Developed first IT Strategic Plan in association's history, including design and implementation of overall architectural blueprint to support e-Commerce and B2C incorporating CRM, ERP, workflow, and security.

  • Increased member satisfaction rate 15% in two-year period, as well as membership 18% and gross revenue 30% as direct result of IT Strategic Plan implementation.

  • Novel Solutions Matched with Existing Services Trigger Untapped Opportunities

  • Approximately 40% of total individual member count in U.S. is represented by network affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX), but their drastic budget cuts eliminated their ability to attend training conferences. Organization needed virtual method to enable network affiliates to access training on latest techniques, technology, best practices, and so on.

  • Signed individual deals with all networks to develop online application to showcase video-on-demand service. Permitted affiliates to watch most conference sessions for limited time in secure online environments and at their convenience.

  • 75% of affected affiliates used first video-on-demand implementation, generating $150,000 in additional revenue. Created breakthrough business strategy for growth with proprietary technology developed for this project, opening revenue-generating opportunities for association.

  • Focus on Alternatives, Savings, & Safety Steer Vendor Negotiations

  • Association needed to find alternatives to reduce spend on software licenses, hardware equipment, and telecommunications contracts, which represented more than 5% of total gross revenue. However, Senior Vice President of Operations, who was not tech-savvy and unaware of recent rapid and massive changes in technology, approved and signed all contracts.

  • Investigated all contracts that involved software licenses, hardware and software purchases, maintenance contracts, and telecommunications contracts. Researched vendors; evaluated contract terms; renegotiated software licenses; and improved data integrity, security, and accessibility.

  • Negotiated vendor agreements that saved $400,000+ within four-year period in software licenses, hardware equipment, and telecommunications contracts. Increased data integrity and security between London, Sydney, and Singapore offices as well as corporate headquarters in Los Angeles.

  • Aggressive Negotiating Outpaces Rival Company, Wins Key Contract

  • East European branches ranked as number one Canon distributors in private sector, but lacked strategy for government sector. As result, branches faced fierce competition from Xerox, whose low-price-point strategy enabled them to win most auctions for office equipment for all government branches.

  • Opened direct dialog with Canon's head of East European division and recommended strategy to win government auctions for office equipment. Negotiated exclusive deals with highly competitive prices in order to close deals with government. Won first government contract against Xerox due to face-to-face negotiations with headquarters in Austria.

  • Acquired largest contract with Department of Defense for Canon, totaling more than $1 million. Elevated to status as preferred vendor in office equipment for government branches.

  • Decisive Leadership Unites Global Operations, Builds Competitive Edge

  • Organization needed technology update, including design and execution of overall architectural blueprint, to support e-commerce and B2C incorporating CRM, ERP, workgroup, workflow, and security. Yet, cultural peculiarities of overseas business had potential to delay, if not compromise, ability to create unique platform upon which regional offices could do business and share knowledge and resources.

  • Scheduled separate meetings with department heads from each regional office in order to better understand and document their unique challenges as well as overcome cultural barriers to implementation. Directed development of first fully customized, globally available online CRM system, meeting and even exceeding needs and expectations of regional offices.

  • North American membership increased 8%, European membership 10%, and Asian membership 12% during next year. Global data analysis increased number of strategic sponsorship opportunities and dramatically raised sponsorship revenue 25% over next year.

  • Improved Global Data Sharing Increases Synergy & Integration

  • Regional office heads managed their respective sites as separate entities, never sharing data or vital information regarding local partnerships with one another. Their persistence to remain autonomous and inability to perceive advantages of shared information resulted in lost business opportunities organization-wide.

  • Charged with defining strategy and operation of all global, web-based properties. Interfaced with heads of each global office, pinpointing common ground issues and working towards developing consensus around strategic global relationships. Devised first truly global system that provided real-time data access for all staff members worldwide.

  • Increased brand recognition and facilitated first global strategic partnerships with companies such as Warner Bros., Discovery, and NBC Universal by creating association's global CRM and ERP system. Raised additional $800,000+ in sponsorship revenue for next two-year period.

  • Business-Critical Project Successful in Resource-Constrained Environment

  • Organization required it's first-ever IT strategic plan; however, association had neither IT department nor human resources available to develop, implement, and document this endeavor. Furthermore, funds allocated for project were extremely limited.

  • Selected and negotiated vendor contracts then recruited, hired, and managed in-house talent and outside consultants for new systems implementation. Due to limited time and resources, created task force team composed of former colleagues with proven abilities to successfully deploy multiple software development projects worldwide.

  • Executed IT strategic plan while cultivating technology partnership with former employer for software development, resulting in more than 25% savings in system development.

  • Dynamic Reporting Enhancements Revitalize Shared Global Vision

  • Award competitions exponentially grew to 14 on five continents, with more than 20,000 award entries received annually. Overall management of competitions became costly logistical nightmare. Yet, there was little communication between international offices and all data related to award competitions was hosted in multiple disconnected databases around globe. In addition, all judging sessions were completed onsite, forcing company to provide hotel rooms, food, and travel expenses for 200+ individuals during judging sessions.

  • Established task force team that developed centralized, customized, and fully automated awards system capable of processing huge volumes of data. Virtually eliminated manual labor required to receive and judge submissions by allowing entrants to digitize and upload submissions as opposed to sending physical material. Enabled online judging sessions using secure, encrypted environment rather than onsite.

  • Produced 12% year-on-year revenue growth over five years, improving quality and consistency of client services within strict budget parameters and positioning award department association's most profitable department.

  • Recommendations

    "I have known Lucian as a colleague and friend for nearly ten years, and It is my pleasure to recommend him.
    While President and CEO of PromaxBDA International, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Lucian on multiple strategic and technical initiatives for the organization. During this time, Lucian was instrumental in leveraging emerging technologies, strategic relationships, and process improvements to drive long-term customer value. Lucian had successfully directed globally dispersed, cross-functional teams in designing and deploying system solutions to aggressively target and penetrate global markets.
    I would recommend and support him in any organization that required strategic direction, leadership, technical knowledge, and implementation."

    Jonathan Verk - EVP Strategic Partnerships, Head of Television at Shazam

    "Lucian Cojescu is a highly motivated and creative leader and a man of high character. His ability to quickly process complex and difficult issues is remarkable. More importantly, Lucian is a thoughtful individual who places others before himself.
    I highly recommend Lucian for his great skill, creativity, and his high, ethical, and moral character."

    Rick Gibson - Chief Marketing Officer at Pepperdine University

    "Lucian is one of the finest individuals I have been privileged to work with. Lucian is, definitely, one of the most intelligent people I have met as well as being kind and a good friend.
    In all respects, I give Lucian my highest regards and would recommend him for any position that he would desire."

    Jerome Vener - MD, MBA, FACS

    "It is a pleasure to recommend Lucian Cojescu to any organization. Lucian has many elements that I find compelling; he is a man of high moral character, high energy, and deep integrity and I am proud of his ethical standing on all issues.
    I continue to be amazed at Lucian’s ability to apply critical thinking skills to complex issues while driving teams to think outside of the box. Again, I am proud to recommend Lucian to any organization."

    Stephen Johnson - Chief Administrative Officer at Paramount Equity

    "Lucian knows how to bring levity to high pressure environments, which in my opinion is one of the best skills a leader can bring to a team."

    Michael Lydon - Vice President, Technology Operations at

    "It was a privilege to have Lucian as a part of the class (PRESIDENTIAL/Key Executive MBA program at Pepperdine University) and to see how much he contributed to the learning experience of his peers while also developing significantly as a leader."

    Linda Livingstone - Dean, Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University